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General Rules on Drilling Equipment Auction

To make sure that sales on Drilling Equipment Auction are held on a fair basis, we require our users (Buyer AND Seller) to follow our rules. This page provides a brief overview on the most important rules... details can be found in the Terms of Use.

Any violation of these rules can result in a removal of your account and a ban from the site, in bad cases we reserve the right to take on legal action.

* Only surplus items allowed
Sellers may only place items up for auction if they have them ready for sale/pick-up. JIT-Productions (Just in Time), items in transport or any other possible form of items, that you do not have accessable in a storage location you can access at all times, may NOT be put up for auction. If you wish to sell items you produce, or could purchase on demand, then please use one of our partner sites for this.

* The Buyer may decide how the goods are transported
To protect our Buyers from Sellers that aim to earn money by overcharging their Buyers on transportation, we grant the Buyer the right to decide how the goods are transported. The Buyer may organize transportation by himself or request for it to be organized. The Seller can make offers for transportation, however if he refuses or isn't able to do so, we shall organize the transport. The Buyer must also pay the transportation fees in advance.

* Drillquest acts as Escrow Agency and privacy holder
All communications shall take place over Drillquest, acting as Escrow Agency. Buyer and Seller may not makeany efforts to contact each other directly. Both Seller and Buyer must remain anonymious until the actual exchange of goods. The only reference to the Seller shall be his rating on the web site.

* No transportation or pick-up before payment
The Seller must keep the sold item until he receives notice from Drillquest, on how it must be transported. He may not send the goods himself or let anybody pick up the goods until Drillquest has confirmed the receival of the payment through the Buyer. The Seller must accept the transportation decision of the Buyer.

* Payment must occur to Drillquest
The buyer is obliged to pay the agreed amount directly to Drillquest, where it shall be held and only handed out as soon as there is proof, that the Buyer has received the goods. Prior to hand-out Drillquest shall deduct the auction fees from the payed amount.

* Auctions fail within 30 days if no action is taken
If either the Buyer or Seller does not follow his obligations within 30 days, the auction is considered a failiure and cancelled. We may decide the consequences for the party that caused the auction to fail. Exceptions such as long transportation times (overseas shipping) or problems at the tax offices will not cause an auction to fail, as long as these are reported.

* No personal data in auctions
You may not create auctions containing data on you and/or your company, or other contact details. We have the right to monitor and modify your auctions if they contain data violating our policies. Users who violate our rules or Terms of Use may be removed and banned from the web site.

* No data where it doesn't belong
The auction, profile, rating and any other function available on this web site may not be used for anypurposes not intendet for. Items that are to be sold at a fixed price can be placed on the Drillquest Website. You may not use Drilling Equipment Auction for promotion, advertisment, direct sales, political interests, pornography, racial discrimination, hatred, hacking or similar purposes, distribution of malware, spam, link spreading or any other possible form of misuse.

Drilling Equipment Auction is only a plattform for creating and bidding on auctions!

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