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How Drilling Equipment Auction Works

DEA Concept
* Find best Buyer for you Surplus Equipment
Drilling Equipment Auction provides a simple but powerful auction system, to sell your surplus to whoever pays best for it.

* Easy way to find Equipment needed
Use Drilling Equipment Auction to find what's missing on your rig. No need to order expensive items that take weeks to manufacture.

* No cost for failed auctions
Only auctions that end successfully are charged with our standard fee, this means if your item's auction ends without a bid, you can just reopen the auction without spending a dime. Our fees are only charged if you actually sell your item.

* Fair rating system promotes good Sellers
Upon each purchase the buyer gets the opportunity to rate the Seller on his goods quality and his delivery processing. That way good Sellers can easily be divided from the bad.

* We act as Escrow Agent to protect your purchase/sale
In the event of a successfull auction, we act as Escrow Agent, meaning: We collect the payment from the Buyer as soon as an auction is won. Only when we have received the payment the Seller is instructed to send or allow a pick-up of the item. The payment is only handed over to the Seller when the Buyer receives the goods or the Seller can prove the delivery has taken place.

This way both Seller and Buyer are protected from fraud or misbehavior of the other party.

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