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Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting the technical support, please first check here if you can find an answer to your question:

I can't register, the form is filled in, but the button on it doesn't work

This page requires JavaScript to run, wich in most cases is available and aready set up in each modern internet browser. Please check if this is disabled in your browser and enable it for this page. If your browser doesn't support JavaScript we strongly recommend that you download a browser that supports it (FireFox, Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safary etc.) or use a different computer, mobile phone, palm top etc. to access this site.

How do I change my email address?

For Security reasons we do not allow users to change their email addresses at this time. You may however contact our technical support to apply for a change in your email address. We shall process these requests as fast as possible.

I cannot find a suitable category for my item, what can I do?

Don't panic, we do our best to provide categories for all possible items. If you feel there's one missing for your item, just contact our technical support and we shall create that category for you.

A user hasn't payed for my item, because of this the auction has failed, but he still gave me a bad rating, what can I do?

We do are best to remove ratings from failed auctions or from users that get banned for misusing the web site. If we missed one please contact our technical support and we shall have a look at this case.

How much do you charge for an auction?

If the auction fails, we don't charge anything. If it fails twice, three times, four times... we still dont charge anything.
If an auction succeeds we shall deduct 10% from the payed amount, we strongly encourage our Sellers to add 10% to their minimum price upon opening an auction.
If an Buyer pays for goods he won in an auction and the Seller fails to deliver it, we shall refund the payment, however we shall not refund any bank fees charged.

What can I do if an auction fails?

If your are the Buyer, you will be refunded the money you have payed, we can however not refund any bank fees or other charges. You may provide you with the Seller's contact details, if you wish to take legal actions.
If you are the Seller we shall contact the Buyer with the next highest bid on your auction, to find out if he is still interested in you item. If there is no interested Buyer left, the auction remains a fail. You may reinsert the auction or request the first Buyer's contact details in order to take legal action

In any case of legal action, you have a legal binding contract with your Seller or last bidding Buyer, it however remains your responsibility to organize any actions. Drillquest shall not take place in any court cases.

Why must I solve these stupid math quizes to register or write mails to the Technical Support?

This is to our own protection from Spam bots, which are programs that search the web for any kind of web site where they can upload advertisement and/or senseless garbage. The math quiz makes it harder for these programs to use our web site for false purposes, resulting in a more stable plattform for all users on Drilling Equipment Auction.

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